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After 9/11


About this site and why it was started.

If there were just one, or maybe even 2 things that happened on, or before 9/11 2001 that seemed strange or coincidental, I would believe what The 911 Commission and other government agencies have told us about that event.

However, there are so many coincidences that just "happened" on that day, that they can not be ignored. I have spent over 21 years, doing my best to weed through all the "Conspiracies" and facts but mostly lies. I will try to convey a better understanding of what did in fact happen on 911 and you can make your own decisions, I know, most of you have made up your mind about what happened that day, but please, with an open mind, read some (or all) of the posts and come to a conclusion, that just may be different than the one you have now.